3 Kelowna Cideries That Will Make You Fall Even More in Love With Cider (If That’s Possible)

    Dating back to 55 BC, with the first ever recorded existence of cider in Ancient Roman literature during the invasion of Britain by Julius Caesar, cider still remains popular in the UK, Europe, America, and Canada. If you’re a cider lover, you likely agree that cider is the best beverage to enjoy warm on a cold winter day, or cold on a hot summer day. If you happen to be a local of Kelowna, or if you’re planning a visit, you should certainly allow your appreciation of cider to be deepened (if possible) by visiting these renowned Kelowna cideries.


    To the East: East Kelowna Cider Co.

    Situated to the East of Kelowna as its name suggests, East Kelowna Cider Co. is a unique place where you can visit and buy their hand-crafted ciders made from fresh fruit. This family-run business has over ten acres of orchards that produce seven different kinds of apples and around 300,000 pounds each year. As the first land-based cidery in the Okanagan, East Kelowna Cider Co. has grown to be a large producer of cider, selling their products across the province, as well as in Calgary. If you’d prefer to enjoy their locally made ciders from where they are produced, you can visit the cidery and enjoy a cold (or warm) one on their patio with a lovely view of the very orchards your beloved cider comes from. Stop by and have a taste of their award winning ciders directly where they’re made, at 2960 McCulloch Road.

    Ciders at Function Junction: Double Cross Cidery

    Located at function junction at 3480 Fruitvale Way in Kelowna, Double Cross Cidery is a unique and diverse orchard with ciders, as well as a fruit stand and fresh juices, for sale. Currently, this cidery offers four different flavours of fruit iced ciders as well as their famous hard apple cider, which you are welcome to try at the tasting room located next to their fruit stand. This family-run, local Kelowna business has a long history of farmers in the family, and, with their recent launch of ciders as well as promises of fruit wines in the near future, we certainly think they’re deserving of a taste—or four!

    Raven Ridge Cidery Is All the Rave

    Raven Ridge Cidery, with their unique animal pens housing goats and a family of ducks and chickens, is all the rave. Located just a short drive from downtown Kelowna, guests are welcome to try their ciders and take a tour of their well-groomed orchard, which offers rows and rows of endless apple trees. Many liquor stores and local restaurants c arry their products, or you can visit Raven Ridge Cidery in person at 3002 Dunster Road in Kelowna.


    When it comes to having a true love and passion for something, sometimes getting to the heart of it is the best way to fall even more in love. The same is true for your love of cider. So go ahead and get to the heart of the cider; visit the source directly at one of these renowned Kelowna cideries.

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