4 Independent Coffee Roasters in Kelowna That Will Tantalize Your Taste Buds

    Are you a coffee lover? If you are, you’re certainly not alone, and you definitely understand the overwhelming power a cup of coffee can have on your day. Considered to be “love in a cup” by millions of people, coffee is arguably that one thing you will never give up, and why should you? Coffee is energizing, warming, and comforting, especially when you get it from the direct source of an independent coffee roaster, which you can easily do when living in Kelowna. If you haven’t gotten there already, check out these four independent coffee roasters to tantalize your taste buds.

    Over 25 Years of Love: Cherry Hill Coffee

    In 2012, Cherry Hill Coffee celebrated their 25th anniversary of producing love-inspiring coffee to local coffee shops and the people of Kelowna, and they haven’t slowed down since. You can find their custom coffee beans in bakeries and restaurants in Kelowna, and you will definitely taste the love they put into their roasting practices. Not only does Cherry Hill roast great coffee, but they can teach you how to do the same! Did you know that the coffee bean is actually a seed that comes from the red or purple cherry? If you’re interested in learning the history and art of coffee roasting, you are welcome to take part in the Cherry Hill Brew School.

    Pioneers of Coffee and Tea

    Producing quality, gourmet coffees and decadent teas, Pioneer Gourmet Coffee is another independent coffee roaster in Kelowna, BC that spreads their love of the bean far and wide. The company was founded by Luigi Cicchelli, a fourth-generation coffee roaster, and is now run by Colin Burton and Harry Kullman, who were mentored by Cicchelli, an Italian roasting master. You can order Pioneer coffee online or at their retail location at 1980 Windsor Road.

    Indulge in the Bean Scene of Coffee

    Bean Scene Coffee Works is an on-demand roaster providing the Okanagan area with fresh coffee beans. They were awarded the City of Kelowna’s Environmental Award for Business Innovation. Not only is Bean Scene an independent coffee roaster, they are a complete business with three coffee houses (where they serve their own beans of course) and a bakery. Their headquarters, which contains a roaster, a bakery, and a retail store, is located at 1615 Dickson Avenue.

    South of the City: Lone Tree Coffee

    Lone Tree Coffee is an artisan coffee roasting company situated just south of Kelowna in Summerland, with a variety of retail stores across Kelowna, including Urban Fare and G & H Shop N Save. Beginning as a family-run cafe, The Beanery Coffee, in 1996, the business and love for coffee soon morphed into an artisan roasting company that continues to maintain its family values and love for the bean.

    Once you see the love that goes into the mixes and blends of coffee beans at each of these independent roasters, you’ll likely understand the art of the “cup of love” even more. Sometimes understanding the depth and history behind coffee will increase your awareness and make you fall even more in love. First, however, you must allow your taste buds to be truly tantalized; let your imagination and knowledge be expanded with a visit to one of these Kelowna roasters.

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      Kelowna coffee shops have gotten better and better. There are so many great places to stop in to meet friends for a cup of coffee.


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