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    Amazing Kelowna Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas That Will Make You the Best Parent Ever

    Who doesn’t want to be the coolest Mom or Dad on the block? Let’s face it; there’s no better way to show who the best parent is than by throwing your child an incredibly awesome birthday party. Let the other parents head out to McDonald’s or the same old indoor play gyms; you’re headed for the birthday party Hall of Fame. Listed below are some super fun and unique ideas for birthday parties in the Kelowna area.


    Who Doesn’t Love a Pony?

    Kids love ponies, making this the number one choice for an amazing Kelowna kid’s party. The Willow Grove Riding School on Postill Drive offers a pony ride birthday party. Your child and up to 11 of his or her friends can ride ponies, have snacks (you provide) and do a craft, all at their facility. It’s an indoor riding arena so parties run all year long. Parties last about two hours and run from $160 – $200 depending on the package you choose.

    Bring Your Lil’ Pumpkin to the Pumpkin Patch

    If your child has a fall birthday, how about rounding up a few of his or her friends and heading to the pumpkin patch at McMillan Farm? They have everything on a child’s wish list from exciting hayrides to a petting zoo, a corn maze and best of all a pumpkin slingshot. There are lots of picnic tables for sandwiches and cupcakes, or you can feed the kids from the yummy concession stand. The farm is located 3690 Bernard Road and you should call well in advance to make arrangements.

    It’s All Downhill from Here – Toboggan Party

    Having a winter birthday in Canada doesn’t mean you can’t party outdoors. Why not borrow a couple of sleds and crazy carpets and head to the toboggan slopes? There are some great hills in Kelowna such as Chute Lake Elementary School in Upper Mission, Gallagher’s Canyon in South East Kelowna and Knox Mountain downtown. There’s also Big White for the older kids. After a couple of hours in the snow head back home or to a cafe for hot chocolate and birthday cake.

    Creative and Artsy Fun

    Does your child have a flair for the arts? Then you should check out Color me Mine at 641 Commerce Avenue. This super funky ceramic art studio provides each child with a ceramic piece to paint, plus pizza, cupcakes and beverages, all for only $20 – $30 per child. For the under-five crowd, they offer handprint parties, where each child can personalize a keepsake ceramic with their own handprints.

    Make it Magical

    If you want a magical birthday party, Leif David, a Kelowna area magician will come to your home or party place and perform a 45-minute magic show with your child as the star. There is no limit to the number of guests you can invite, so you can welcome both your child’s friends as well as extended family members. You get a choreographed magic routine, lots of audience participation and a special wizard cap that will magically appear and that your child can keep forever as a wonderful memory.

    Who knew Kelowna had such terrific ways to celebrate a child’s birthday? Magic, ponies and pumpkins are all unique and excellent choices for a birthday he or she will never forget. It’s important though, to think about what your child loves the most and try to base the party around the wishes and dreams of your special guy or gal. If he loves sports, have a baseball party. If she loves dressing up, a princess party can be a lot of fun. If you throw a party that suits your kid, you’re guaranteed to be the best parent ever – at least in your child’s eyes.

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