Avoid Moving Chaos with These No Nonsense Moving Tips

    Moving is, traditionally a hectic affair, but there’s no need to resign yourself to the madness. A carefully executed moving day plan can save you time and money throughout the whole process. To keep the chaos at a minimum, here are a few no-nonsense moving tips to get you through the big day.

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    Work With Your Movers to Create a Moving Day Plan

    In the days leading up to the move, it’s a good idea to work out a moving day plan with your movers. When creating your plan, you should take into consideration the layout of your new home, the layout of your old home, the route you will take to travel between locations, and any large appliances or furniture items the movers should be aware of ahead of the move so they know to bring any equipment they might need.

    Colour Coordinate Boxes With Rooms

    Assign a colour to every room of your new home, using a coloured sign that can be easily seen as you approach each room. Match up the boxes with the colour of their designated rooms with coloured labels affixed to the tops of the boxes. Colour coordinating your boxes in this way will help movers quickly place boxes in the proper rooms without having to ask you for clarification. This tip will also make sure your unpacking goes more smoothly.

    Pack Any Items You’ll Need Right Away in Clear Tote Boxes

    Once you arrive in your new home, there a few items, like scissors for instance, you will need access to right away. Collect all of these items and pack them up in clear tote bags or boxes. Using clear containers will allow you to spot the items you need immediately without having to sort through each box.

    Number Your Boxes

    Instead of labelling your boxes with vague, cryptic labels like ‘Misc. Clothing’ for fear of revealing all of your worldly possessions to your movers, assign each box a number. Compile a master list of each numbered box and as you pack, list the items in every box. This number system will allow you to preserve your privacy without having to sacrifice organization.

    Take Advantage of Unused Space

    Luggage, drawers and laundry hampers all contain unused space just waiting to be filled. Instead of leaving these items empty, use them to pack up clothes, bedding, towels, and fragile items that need extra cushioning to prevent breakage. Seal drawers by taping garbage bags or fitting cling wrap over the openings and sliding them back into place.

    Schedules Deliveries to Arrive Before or After Your Moving Day

    There is no need to add to the stresses of the day by scheduling any deliveries for newly bought furniture to arrive at your new home on the same day you plan to move in. You’ll have enough to do with coordinating the move itself, without having to wait on deliveries. Instead, arrange for these items to be delivered in the days following your moving day. Or even better, have them delivered before your moving day to give yourself an abundance of free space to work with when arranging your delivery items in your new home.

    Moving is a pain. Save yourself the anguish and get organized. You’ll probably encounter a few issues you didn’t plan for, but moving days always are unpredictable. By using these moving tips in your strategy, you can give yourself some breathing room and have a less stressful moving experience.

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