Buying a house with a Pool

    Buyers in search of Kelowna houses with pools may think of these properties as better value for money than the ones that do not have a pool. Because of the unstable economy, the sale of properties has decreased in the last few years. Waterfront houses tend to be more appealing to buyers as they have a highouse with a pool in kelownaher chance of appreciation. If you are searching for a property in this area, here are some benefits of buying a house with a pool.

    There is no denying that installing a pool will increase the aesthetic appeal of the property. An average looking home can be transformed into a luxury villa as the pool is usually the focal point of the garden. Families with young kids can splash in the water during hot summer days, while having privacy at the same time. When you invite guests over for a party or barbecue, you are sure to show them a good time. A pool is also great for cooling down during hot days or nights.

    If you are looking for a house that has a pool, you should consider different designs that are currently available. Gunite is constructed with a mixture of concrete and sand. This is a short-term solution, unlike above-ground pools that are more permanent. Nevertheless, this type of design can be laid out in any shape that you desire.

    The vinyl design is rectangular, but some properties do have other configurations. This design is less expensive than gunite as it is lined with vinyl. However, you should know that a replacement will be necessary every ten years.

    Due to the crash of the real estate market, the number of potential buyers has dropped in the past few years. Nonetheless, there are still some appealing factors for possible buyers. Real estate brokers suggest that families may prefer to buy a house that has a pool for entertainment purposes; therefore the chances of selling such properties are much higher.

    Another factor to consider when selling your property is the benefit you will get during summer time when the hotter weather arrives and buyers tend to get more attracted to swimming pools. Those home buyers who have young families may also find a pool appealing and would be willing to pay more for such properties or villas. Summer is the perfect time for real estate investors to search for luxury villas and condos that are equipped with a swimming pool as most people nowadays prefer to sit by the pool at the comfort of their own homes.

    If you have decided to buy a Kelowna property, make sure you ask the seller about the maintenance costs for the pool. There may be a charge to pay for a professional company to service the pool. This includes cleaning and maintaining the chemical balance of the water. Find out about these costs before proceeding with the purchase.

    If your budget is tight and you wish to handle the pool maintenance task yourself, take into account the cost of the chemicals. Of course it will be more convenient to hire a credible company to help you with this matter as they can also close the pool before winter starts, and open it before summer. Maintaining the pool yourself will consume a lot of time, and may not be a wise option if you have a busy lifestyle. Living with a pool need not be costly as long as you do your homework beforehand.

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