Calling All Entrepreneurs: Kickstart Your New Life at Startup Weekend Okanagan

    Breaking into the world of entrepreneurship can be a challenging endeavour to say the least, especially if you’re attempting to put together your very first startup/venture. That’s why conferences and events in which you can network with other like-minded individuals, including those who’ve experienced entrepreneurial success, can be so helpful to your own personal efforts. One local event in particular that’s coming up is Startup Weekend Okanagan, a three-day meeting of young entrepreneurs looking to put together the next breakthrough venture, one that you can be part of.

    A Weekend Event That Provides Priceless Experience

    The idea for Startup Weekend began a few years back as an international grassroots movement that sought to encourage and motivate young entrepreneurs around the world and help them launch successful business ventures. Creators of the non-profit group behind the event are based out of Seattle, but the event itself takes place in over 200 cities across the globe. This year, one of the main Canadian iterations is taking place from March 14-16 in downtown Kelowna, British Columbia. The primary structure underpinning the event allows for any attendee to pitch a startup venture at the conference. From these initial pitches given on the very first day of the event, teams are created around the ideas voted as having the most potential for success. What follows is a three-day rush of creative business model plotting, coding, designing, and validating of potential target markets. After all this, the weekend ends with a series of final presentations from each group that are done for a number of local entrepreneurial powerhouses who will provide in-depth critiques and feedback for all participants.

    Learn With Other Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Build Contacts

    In any field, the connections you have can create opportunities for collaboration that might take you places you never imagined. Startup Weekend Okanagan, more than anything else, will provide you with the chance to build professional relationships with designers, developers, marketers, and inventors, all of whom are crucial for any creative business endeavour. Together, each of you will gain hands-on experience throwing together a workable idea over the course of a mere 54 hours, and together you will end up succeeding or failing and learning from the results. Whatever the outcome after the final day of presentations, you’ll have made new friends and contacts who you can work with in the future on that next brilliant endeavour sure to make a splash in the world.

    Breakdown of What to Expect

    The actual schedule of what will be happening hour to hour over the course of the three days is crammed full of different events. Starting out on the first day, Friday, registration kicks everything off at 6:30 PM. After that, over the course of the next few hours, there will be a networking dinner, formal welcoming with speakers, delivery of the pitches, vote on the pitches, formation of teams, and a chance for each team to take a count of their members and start planning for the coming two days. The first full day on Saturday will consist of a breakfast at 9 AM, followed by all the teams getting together and forming a workspace. In the hours following the subsequent lunch and dinner, teams will be working on their venture with professional entrepreneurial coaches to perfect their respective ideas. The final day on Sunday will also consist of a breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and following the dinner are the final presentations, awards, and overall wrap up of the entire weekend.

    So if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur looking to see what it really takes to succeed, this year’s Startup Weekend Okanagan is a great way to put yourself to the test. The event will help you establish critical relationships with other individuals active in the same business-minded world as you, all while exposing you to the opinions of entrepreneurial veterans who know what separates a winning venture from a losing one. It’s a short but incredibly insightful 54-hour period that could prove to be the jumping-off point for your life as an entrepreneur.

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