Cycle On: Consider These Bicycle-Friendly Kelowna Neighbourhoods

    Kelowna is well known as an Okanagan mecca for mountain bikers, but did you know that Kelowna is also becoming a major destination for road cyclists and bicycle commuters? With the municipal government putting more and more focus on alternative forms of transportation, bicycling in Kelowna has never been easier. If you’re a bike commuter, or someone who just loves to get out and ride, check out these great bicycle-friendly Kelowna neighbourhoods.

    Downtown Kelowna: More Bike-friendly Than You’d Think

    In most cities, downtown isn’t the easiest place to be if you’re on a bike. But in Kelowna, the downtown core is actually one of the most bike-friendly areas in the city. A recently built dedicated bike path on Cawston Avenue provides a major arterial route for cyclists to get in and out of the city, and the many bike lanes and wide-shouldered roads throughout the downtown streets make this one of the most bike-friendly downtown cores in the province. There are also plenty of great mountain biking trails on Knox Mountain, just north of downtown, for cross-country riding and downhill shuttling.

    The Mission: Plenty of Greenway Routes for Cyclists of All Levels

    South of downtown Kelowna you’ll find the Mission. This area is home to plenty of large beautiful houses, as well as a large number of bike lanes and off-road paths. One of Kelowna’s best cycling features, the Mission Creek Greenway, runs right through the middle of this neighbourhood. The Greenway provides an extensive network of trails that cater to cyclists of all levels. Beginners and commuters use the 7.3km gravel trail that runs along the banks of Mission Creek extensively throughout the year. If you’re looking for more of a challenge, this trail also links up with more difficult trails in Mission Creek Regional Park.

    Dilworth and Rutland: A Family-friendly Bike Haven

    Many families in Kelowna call Dilworth and Rutland home. There are plenty of large lots available here, and homes in these neighbourhoods come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges. For many families here, biking is a way of life. There are several dedicated bike paths in the area that make access to schools easy. In addition, there are lots of quiet side streets for bike commuters to use, and there are also lots of parks in the area for families to enjoy by bike or on foot.

    Planning Your Kelowna Bike Route

    There are many resources available to help Kelowna residents plan their ultimate bike route. The City of Kelowna’s Pathway and Bicycle Network Map shows all of the bike routes in the area. Kelowna was also one of the first Canadian cities to use Google Bike Routes which means that you can find the best bike routes in Kelowna simply by using Google Maps.

    With over 340km of trails, pathways, and bike lanes, Kelowna is one of the most bike-friendly cities in Canada. In fact, according to Kelowna City Hall, “Kelowna has the most extensive bicycle network in Canada for a city its size.”
    So no matter where you live in this beautiful city, you’re sure to have no trouble getting around by bike.

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