Dog Parks Near Glenmore Where Your Pooch Can Run Free

    As a dog owner, you know how difficult it can sometimes be to manage your pet’s daily exercise while obtaining a level of convenience. You’re busy, no doubt, and at times it can become a bit of a hassle to walk your pet around the pavement of your neighbourhood. With these local off-leash dog parks near your home in Glenmore, you can let Fido run free while relaxing and not having to worry about a thing.

    Glenmore dog parks

    Fido Can Run Free at North Glenmore Dog Park

    North Glenmore Dog Park is located at 2150 Glenmore Road North. You can visit this park with your pooch, and let him run free! The park is extra large and is convenient to visit during the day. There are solar lights on site, so you can even safely let your pooch exercise at night. At this park, you will find both flat and hilly areas with dry grass. During the summer months, the trees offer some shade where you can sit with a book or where Fido can cool off. At this park, you will also find further convenience with the picnic tables, outhouse, fresh tap water, and doggy clean-up bags offered on site. Dogs can play and run off the leash at their leisure; all that is asked is that you clean up after your furry friend!

    Off and On Leash: Knox Mountain Park

    Knox Mountain Park is approximately a 15-minute drive south of Glenmore, but, as the largest park in Kelowna with 310 hectares of land, it could be well worth the drive. Though the majority of the park is considered on-leash, there is a separated area near the entrance of the park where you can let your dog off the leash. This is a great place to combine on-leash walking trails with off-leash playtime for your pooch, and might provide just the exercise and nature time you need as well. Situated on the shoreline of Okanagan Lake, the waterfront views will be sure to calm you and your pooch alike. Knox Mountain Park is located at 450 Knox Mountain Drive.

    Downtown Freedom: Enterprise Park

    If you’re planning to head into downtown for some errands, why not bring your pooch along and stop off at Enterprise Park for some playtime? Enterprise Park, located at 2500 Enterprise Way, is located conveniently from downtown and is just five minutes from Glenmore. This park is rather small but is bordered with fences, so it is a safe and convenient place for your dog to run off-leash. You will find solar lights for night-time visits, as well as picnic tables and doggy bag dispensers on site. Again, all that is asked is that you clean up after your pooch’s visit.

    Doing your research and visiting different areas with your pooch can surely make the exercising duty much more convenient and enjoyable. Branch out from your usual around-the-block walks and visit one of these off-leash spots where Fido can run free. Having a spot where both you and your dog can get some exercise and relax is surely worth the time and effort it takes to make your next play date discovery.

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