Elementary Schools Your Kids Will Love in Rutland South

    If you and your family are considering a move to Kelowna, the South Rutland area is a great place to raise a family. There are many amenities and activities nearby, and the elementary schools are some of the best the region has to offer. Here is a list of Rutland South’s elementary schools, along with a little information on what makes each school special.

    Be Immersed in Francais at Ecole Belgo Elementary

    Ecole Belgo Elementary School prides itself on being a community school—parents often tell teachers how they love the community vibe that the school has. The current model of the school opened in 1990 as a dual-track elementary school that offers French immersion and English. This is the only school in the Rutland Zone that offers French Immersion, and these classes exceed English by three classes and growing. Visit the school at 125 Adventure Road or phone 250-765-8900.

    Get a Head Start at Pearson Road Elementary

    Pearson Road Elementary has a strong focus on creating well-rounded students who are academically minded, culturally aware, and sportingly inclined—go Jaguars! If you are moving to the area with preschool aged children, consider putting them through the Strong Start program, a free preschool drop-in program hosted by the school. Visit Pearson at 700 Pearson Road or phone 250-870-5051.

    Find Support and Inclusion at Quigley Elementary

    Quigley Elementary prides itself on being “a great place to learn—a great place to be,” and it shows in the positive, bright students who graduate from Quigley. Quigley is also part of the Aboriginal Education Program; children with native ancestry can receive services through this program, while student advocates and special teachers help assist aboriginal students through study and school life. Visit Quigley at 705 Kitch Road or phone the office at 250-860-5783.

    Build Strong Family Ties at Rutland Elementary

    The new Rutland Elementary was established in 2003 and is open to all students who live within walking distance of the school. This makes for a glorious sight in the mornings as walkers and bike riders make their way to Rutland. The original Rutland opened in 1913, which has made for interesting histories within the student body—some families have been attending Rutland for four generations! If your family is in the market for after-school care, check out Rutland’s program. Rutland is located at 620 Webster Road and the phone number is 250-765-9771.

    Get Involved at South Rutland Elementary

    South Rutland Elementary is celebrating 46 years! There are just over 200 students across ten classes at the school, which prides itself on “engaging minds, launching dreams.” Parents of students are involved in many school programs, which helps foster a community feel in the school. South Rutland is moving with the times, and every classroom is now more technologically equipped than ever. Visit South Rutland at 200 Mallach Road or phone 250-765-7785.

    Have Fun and Stay Active at Springvalley Elementary

    Springvalley Elementary encourages students to get involved in the huge number of activities available to them. Sports and other fun group activities are great ways for your kids to meet new friends and learn new skills. Parents are also encouraged to get involved; if you’re new to the area, you can meet some new friends of your own! Springvalley is located at 470 Ziprick Road, and the school’s phone number is 250-860-4526.

    There are many different options for elementary schools in the Rutland South area, and each school has its own unique community and atmosphere. Choose the school that is right for your children’s needs. You should also consider which school is close enough to walk or bike to!

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