Get Inspired at the Western Canadian Body Building and Fitness Show in Kelowna This May

    Kelowna is a wonderful place to be for those who love the great outdoors, and especially for those who partake in physical activity while enjoying the beauty of their surroundings. If you’re a Kelowna fitness expert and are entertaining the idea of competing in a bodybuilding competition yourself, or are simply looking to be entertained for a day or an evening, you won’t want to miss the Western Canadian Body Building and Fitness Show in Kelowna this May. Come see what the results of real, passionate fitness training look like.

    The Show’s 2014 Return

    The Western Canadian Body Building and Fitness Show is where you’ll find the best of the Kelowna bodybuilding industry as well as the best of local and visiting competitors. On May 17, 2014, the bodybuilding and fitness show is scheduled to return to Kelowna and bring to town some of the most accomplished male and female fitness competitors the area has seen. For a full Saturday of fun there will be two shows to choose from, unless of course you opt for both. Hosted on the stage of the Kelowna Community Theatre, the morning show is the more affordable of the two, starting at 9:00am for a ticket price of $ 25.25 for adults and $14.25 for children under 12. The evening show begins at 6:00pm and costs $57.25 and $37.25, respectively.

    Men’s and Women’s Swimwear Judging

    As with past events, this year’s Western Canadian Body Building and Fitness Show will consist of both men’s and women’s bodybuilding segments, each of which are judged separately. Professional judging consists of watching competitors line up and pose in vibrant swimwear to reveal each of their toned muscles in the most enhanced ways imaginable. If there’s one thing aside from health and fitness that these athletes know, it’s that confidence is key!

    May Long Weekend Festivities

    Set on May long weekend, which is one of the busiest long weekends in Kelowna, this year’s Western Canadian Body Building and Fitness Show is said to bring in plenty of out-of-towners looking to enjoy the city in more ways than one. A fun, welcoming summer attitude will surely be everywhere in Kelowna on May long weekend, and there couldn’t be a more ideal time to visit. May long weekend is the perfect time of year to visit Kelowna, as the beaches come alive and the buzz of excitement fills the air, offering the perfect setting to reveal some toned muscles of your own – and perhaps see a bodybuilder or two off-stage!

    Whether you’re new to the health and fitness scene or not, seeing the incredible results of such a lifestyle up close and personal will certainly be cause for some serious inspiration. Choosing health and fitness as not only a momentary goal but as an overall lifestyle provides you with the best of benefits for your physical and mental wellbeing, and often becomes a passionate hobby. So get passionate – and get moving to the Western Canadian Body Building and Fitness Show!

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