Get Your Skates on and Try These Two Awesome Ice Skating Rinks Near Kelowna City Centre

    Skating is a great activity, both for fun and good exercise, and it doesn’t only have to occur during the winter months. Instead, why not integrate ice skating into your regular fitness schedule and make it a fun way to enjoy the day with the family? With these awesome ice skating rinks near Kelowna, making this a reality will be a breeze! Get out your ice skates and give these rinks a go.

    Stuart Park: Outdoor Ice Skating

    You may think that outdoor ice skating is a seasonal activity you can only do around Christmas holidays, but when living in Kelowna, it is a great outdoor activity that you can enjoy almost on a daily basis as long as the weather is permitting! Stuart Park Ice Rink is open daily from 6 AM to 11 PM to accommodate even the most serious of ice skaters. If you love to ice skating and are looking to get in shape this year, you could even consider bringing your skates with you and having a before or after work exercise on the ice. The ice rink is periodically monitored, and, weather permitting, is open every day. It’s also a safe place to bring the family. Before you decide to go ice skating here, you can check online to view the frequently updated monitor image that will show up-to-date conditions of the rink. If you don’t own a pair of your own skates, skate rentals are offered during the hours of 11 AM to 8 PM. Stuart Park is located at 1430 Water Street in downtown Kelowna.

    Head Indoors at Rutland Arena

    If the weather isn’t permitting during the time you wish to go ice skating, or perhaps it’s a little too chilly or too warm to enjoy outdoor skating, you can find just the same amount of excitement indoors at Rutland Arena. Founded in 1983, Rutland Arena is a public ice rink that has been serving Kelowna for many years, and is one of the most popular places to enjoy ice skating. Open year round, this arena allows you to get to know the ice area and practice your on-ice moves uninhibited. You can also sign up for figure skating and ice skating lessons to improve your techniques. Whatever the case may be, this arena is the perfect place to bring your family, and the instructors here are the best in the city. As a part of Rutland Recreational Park, the arena is situated in East Kelowna at 645 Dodd Road.

    Whether you prefer to skate indoors or outdoors, these two ice skating arenas offer the best of both worlds. There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy both rinks on a regular basis. So get the family together, round up the skates, and make ice skating a part of your everyday life, as opposed to a seasonal activity of fun that is always so looked forward to. Pair exercise with fun in the best of ways, and don’t wait any longer to glide your way to fit!

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