Get Your Theatre Fix with Theatre Kelowna Society’s ‘Cinderella and the Silver Twig’

    It’s that time of year again! The Theatre Kelowna Society is getting ready to kick off its Christmas season with their annual pantomime, a favourite tradition for theatre enthusiasts and families alike. If you have never experienced one of these wonderful performances, then you’re in for quite a treat this year. Each traditional pantomime involves a treasured fairy tale with its host of familiar characters, but also some new, stranger characters as well. While past pantomimes put on by the Theatre Kelowna Society have involved everything from rapping fairies and princes in pyjamas, to talking donkeys, singing rabbits, and even disco Queens, this year’s show will be “Cinderella and the Silver Twig”!

    About the Show

    A contemporary revision of the original 1976 hit written by Paddy Malcolm English, “Cinderella and the Silver Twig” is a traditional pantomime show that incorporates wonderful song, dance, and just a splash of magic! Directed by the talented Christine Daley, this pantomime retells the original Cinderella fairy tale with a small twist. While audiences will be familiar with the Cinderella storyline, which remains fairly faithful to the original version, the host of new characters who play a role in bringing Cinderella (played by Casey Wemp) and Prince Charming (Graham K. Daley) together will definitely delight. Children will love Gillianne Richards as the whimsical “Fairy Godmother,” who is disguised as an old granny called Twig in this play, and who calls forth audience members to participate and help her throughout the show.

    The “Cinderella and the Silver Twig” Synopsis

    Just like the original Cinderella story, our titular character is trying to get to the Royal Ball, only in this version it is a Royal Disco Ball. However, her evil stepmother Ms. Crosspatch (played by Corinne Marks), along with Ms. Crosspatch’s foolish, bumbling daughters, Petunia and Pansy, and her niece, Cousin Zinnia, do everything in their power to stop Cinderella from attending. Act One opens with Prince Charming, Tom Tinkerman, disguised as a gypsy and heading to the nearby village with his feisty donkey Daisy to sell gypsy bobbles to the people. In this act, we meet a kindly old woman named Granny Twig, who has a magical secret or two up her sleeve! Also introduced in Act One is Sir Toby (Tom Tinkerman’s Royal Chancellor and best friend). This act sets the stage for the events of the show, including the familiar announcement of the Royal (Disco) Ball, the preparation of the “evil stepsisters” (and cousin) for the ball, and the family’s attempts to thwart Cinderella’s attendance. Act Two answers the questions we love asking again and again: Will Cinderella be able to make the Royal Ball in time? Can the dream that you wish really come true? Who is this mysterious Twig peddler and how can she help Cinderella? And will Cinderella really find true love in the end?

    Show and Ticket Details

    “Cinderella and the Silver Twig” will be playing at the Kelowna Community Theatre from November 21st to 24th and November 28th to December 1st. All evening shows begin at 7:30pm, and tickets are available for November 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 28th, 29th, and 30th. Matinee shows start at 2:00pm and will be held only on November 23rd, 24th, 30th, and December 1st. Ticket prices are extremely reasonable and are at $20 for adults and $10 for children 12 and under. Moreover, there is an additional family pack available for just $49, which will admit two adults and two children. (Please note that stated ticket prices do not include any applicable service charges and/or taxes.) Tickets can be purchased online at, via telephone at (250) 762-5050, or at the Prospera Place Box Office at 1223 Water Street, Kelowna.

    No matter how old you are or whether you are going with family or friends, you are sure to enjoy this Kelowna theatre Cinderella pantomime. Everyone loves reliving their favourite fairy tales from their cherished childhood memories, and what could be more fun than reliving these stories with a unique, entertaining twist? So start off the Christmas season right and make sure you catch the show!

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