Guilt Free Food: Kelowna’s Favourite Vegetarian Spots

    If you’re a vegetarian, you know how difficult it can be to find restaurants where the food not only meets your dietary preferences, but also tastes great. Kelowna has some fabulous options for vegetarian and vegan dining, and many of them offer all types of salads, pasta dishes and tofu specialities. If you are going to be visiting the Kelowna, BC area anytime soon and if you want to sample some of the vegetarian restaurants while you are there, make sure you add these popular establishments to your list.

    Try Fried Bean Sticks At Lake Tai Restaurant

    Known as one of the best vegetarian restaurants in all of Kelowna, Lake Tai Restaurant is ideal for those who love exotic teas and scrumptious vegetarian meat dishes. You can sample some delicious dishes such as sweet and sour veggie meat, fried bean sticks, spring rolls and a variety of noodle dishes that will satisfy your hunger. While they don’t have a dessert menu to follow up with after the meal, they do offer a complimentary in-house treat that you will fall in love with. One of the best things about this tasty Taiwanese vegetarian food haven is that it is open every single day of the week.

    Sample Tasty Tofu Dishes At The Chopped Leaf

    This popular vegetarian restaurant is perfect if you are looking for wraps, soups and tofu-infused dishes. It isn’t that expensive and great for a quick bite to eat on the way to a movie or a visit to a popular Kelowna attraction. This fast food style joint also has gluten-free options.

    Dine A La Carte At Chutney Cuisine of India

    This adored a la carte restaurant offers over a dozen amazing vegetarian-style options to choose from. It isn’t terribly expensive, and the atmosphere is casual and relaxed. Try the Chana Pindi, which is chickpeas with tomatoes, ginger, and potatoes. There’s also the Vegetable Shahi Korma or the Paneer Masala, which is homemade cheese cooked with yogurt curry sauce and garnished cilantro. Yum!

    Organic Delights At The Bohemian Cafe

    With a wide variety of menu items and take-out and catering options, this Kelowna-based vegetarian restaurant is perfect for those who enjoy eating organic food. It does serve meat dishes as well, but you will have a great selection to choose from if you are a vegetarian diner. There is also a vegan sandwich for those who eat only vegan cuisine or those who want to step outside their comfort zone.

    Vegetarian-Friendly Hansen’s Classic Pizza

    If you love pizza but are a vegetarian, you will love this restaurant! Choose from a selection of tasty veggie toppings and enjoy a whole-wheat crust, zesty pizza sauce and tasty Daiya cheese. You can have another crust thrown onto your veggie pizza, which will make it become a quesadilla of some sort. Everything is fresh and created in-house to provide customers with the freshest pizza experience in the Kelowna area.

    Eating out can be difficult when you’re a vegetarian or vegan, but luckily, Kelowna is quite vegetarian-friendly. Kelowna is a wonderland when it comes to dining and tasting some of the best cuisine in the province. Don’t miss out on any of these vegetarian dining options when you are next in the Kelowna area to ski, visit endless wineries and to enjoy some of the warm summer weather.

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