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    Heat wave in Kelowna! Tips on keeping cool…


    One of Kelowna’s big selling points is the hot, long and dry summers we’re lucky to enjoy. So far, this summer has been no exception. However, things are about to get even hotter, with a heatwave predicted to be on the way! Here’s a snapshot of what the weather may look like for next week:

    Snapshot of what Kelowna's weather may look like for next week...

    Not bad, eh? But with this in mind, we thought we’d share some tips on keeping cool (without heating up your hydro bill)…

    • Keep your blinds and windows closed during the day

    This will keep your home significantly cooler, and it’s easy to do, especially if you’re at work all day anyway. If things cool off in the evening, you can crack the windows to let some fresh air in.

    • Install/use a ceiling fan

    Ceiling fans can be surprisingly effective at cooling a room down/making it more tolerable. Make sure your fan spins counter-clockwise on a high-speed setting as this will help push more cool air downwards.

    • Fire up the barbeque

    Turning on the oven will add extra heat to your home, so take dinner outside. Do your cooking on the barbeque, and you’ll be able to avoid unnecessarily raising your indoor temperature.

    • Go jump in the lake

    This has been a tried and tested way of beating the Okanagan summer heat for many years. If you’re just too hot, why not hit one of Kelowna’s many beaches and take a dip in the lake?

    • Stay indoors but not at home

    If it’s simply too hot outdoors, why not visit one of Kelowna’s many indoor attractions? Consider visiting somewhere like the Kelowna Art Gallery, H2O Adventure + Fitness Centre, Orchard Parking Shopping Centre or Scandia Golf & Games. You still get to have some fun, and you won’t be heating up your home by hanging out inside all day.

    And one final thing, just a reminder; please, please, please do not leave your pets in your car.

    If you have any questions about living in Kelowna or the Kelowna real estate market, please contact us.

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