Kelowna Curb Appeal: How You Can Make Your House Appeal to Kelowna Buyers

    When it comes to selling your home, the only thing worse than having a bad showing is having a showing that gets cancelled before the buyer even walks through the front door. If you have your home up for sale and you notice prospective buyers taking a look at your home from the street, but driving off and not booking a showing, your house may have poor or low curb appeal. Curb appeal is essentially the measure of how inviting and appealing your home is as viewed from the street. Therefore, good curb appeal is essential to selling your home in Kelowna for the price you want and within the time frame you desire.


    Lawn TLC: Prepare Your Front Yard

    Having a tailored front yard (and back, too) can be one of the most important aspects of creating a warm and inviting feeling for the prospective buyer. This can be achieved within a day’s work, and you don’t need to get a professional landscaper to do the job. Simply mow the law, trim the front bushes and trees, and perhaps plant some additional flowers around the front of the house to add a warmer vibe. You can also consider buying some hanging basket flowers to add to the front porch or around the front door.

    Pressure Washing: De-Moss, De-Mildew, De-Mould

    A common mistake in selling homes is not removing all of that green stuff. This is a major curb appeal problem and can bring down the home’s value in the market. It might be mould, moss, or mildew; whatever it is, it certainly isn’t inviting to the buyer! Commonly moss will grow on the roof, and other green, plant-like substances will find a home on your front stairs or the concrete around your home. Pulling out the pressure washer for a day and getting rid of this green growth will immediately increase your home’s curb appeal.

    The Front Door: Entrance Excitement

    The main focal point of the home’s exterior when entering is, of course, the front door. To increase the buyer’s excitement when entering your home, why not get out the paint and put a fresh coat of colour or crisp and fresh whiteness on the door? You can also consider replacing the front door’s hardware to bring it up-to-date or, if you’re feeling resourceful, replacing the front door altogether. If your garage door is highly visible from the street and makes up a large part of the front of your house, you might want to consider adding a fresh coat of paint there as well.

    Since the buyer is likely to make a decision about your home within the first few moments, a good first impression is key to getting your home sold quickly, for the price you want. Therefore, investing a little bit of time, energy, and money in improving your home’s curb appeal will be well worth it. Take the same motto to your home’s interior as well, and freshen up the inside just as you’ve decided to do to the outside!

    For more great info on how to increase your home’s value/curb appeal – we recommend checking out this guide from Groom+Style.

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