Kelowna grocer receives award from Canadian government


    A Kelowna grocer has received a significant award from the Canadian government. Peter’s Your Independent Grocer, which is located in the Capri Centre Mall on Kelowna’s Gordon Drive, has received the Canadian government’s 2017 Employer Award for Newcomer Employment. The Kelowna business was of only three companies across Canada to be recognized.

    The award is given to businesses who help limit challenges new immigrants face when attempting to join the workforce, recognizing organizations that make a substantial effort in creating a Canadian labour market that is more welcoming for new Canadians.

    Boyd receiving the award (photo credit: Government of Canada's Facebook page)
    Boyd receiving the award (photo credit: Government of Canada’s Facebook page)


    Peter Boyd is the owner of Peter’s YIG and he collected the award in a recent ceremony in Ottawa, with the Canadian government highlighting the grocery store’s “innovative hiring practices.” Boyd is on the board of directors with Kelowna Community Resources and regularly informs KCR of the positions he has available at his store. KCR is then able to send suitable individuals, including new immigrants, Boyd’s way for an interview.

    Of course, it doesn’t work out every time, but Boyd makes an effort to employ a diverse team. Indeed, roughly 22 per cent of Boyd’s 200 employees are individuals who have immigrated to Canada.

    With its effort to be inclusive, welcoming and diverse, this Kelowna business is Canadian multiculturalism in microcosm. Kelowna is a fantastic place to live, and no matter if you have been here 13 days or 13 years, that is clear.

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