Kelowna Karaokeville: Great Places to Belt Out a Tune When the Shower’s Not Cutting It

    Singing in the shower sure is fun, but every now and then it can be fun to try your repertoire on a live audience to see which songs are really hitting home and which performances could use a little more shower time to really iron out. Thankfully, Kelowna has many friendly karaoke spots where you can let your inner performer out and be a big star, even if only for the length of a quick song. Read below to learn about some awesome spots around town where you can get out and get singing.


    Belt It Out at Creekside Pub and Grill

    It’s easy to overlook Creekside because it isn’t downtown, but this place is particularly good if you want a nice night in the Mission with some good fun. It backs on to Mission Creek and boasts a great patio right on the bank of the creek. They host karaoke every Saturday, so warm up your singing voice and get down there to join in the action.


    Mix Singing and Microbrews at Freddy’s Brew Pub

    Freddy’s is another great place to belt out some tunes. They proudly boast the distinction of being Kelowna’s only microbrew pub with their brewery actually right on the site. According to their website, their brewmaster, Jack Clark, has over 30 years experience! They have new specials every day. They’re also nestled right inside the McCurdy Bowling Centre, so if you want to do some sort of bowling and karaoke party, the option is there. That brings us to the karaoke—it takes place on Thursdays at 8 PM, and it’s not just regular karaoke. It’s “Michael’s Karaoke Show,” which is quite the treat. Michael has been hosting karaoke for over 20 years and has about 5000 songs in his repertoire. Come on down; it won’t disappoint.

    Get Irish and Let Loose at O’Flannigans

    If you’re more into an Irish pub experience, try visiting O’Flannigans downtown. They endeavor to be a New York style Irish pub with flare and personality. Inside they have everything you would expect from a pub: TV screens, darts, pool tables, and, of course, karaoke. Every Monday at 9 PM, O’Flannigans hosts a karaoke night. If you’re looking for a great place to have a karaoke birthday party, consider O’Flannigans; if you call and reserve a table for your birthday party, they’ll make sure you get treated right on the night of with a special gift and some balloons!

    Now that you’ve read about all of these great places in Kelowna to try your hand at karaoke, there’s no reason to hide away in your shower. Get out there and get singing. You’ll meet some new friends, make some memories, and have a wonderful time. Explore Kelowna and enjoy all that it has to offer. There is plenty of good food to eat, some good drinks to try, and thousands and thousands of karaoke songs that are waiting to be sung by you. Enjoy this beautiful city and all that it has to offer!

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