Laugh Out Loud: Kelowna’s Most Hilarious Comedy Hot Spots

    Kelowna is more than a serious business centre, a great family getaway, and a majestic wildlife waypoint; it’s also got a funny bone. A range of local venues are known for bringing hilarious stand-up comedians, actors, and multi-talented performers to the stage for rollicking nights of big laughs and good cheer. Below are just some of the top locations to find your favourite comedy artists.

    You Can Gamble on Huge Laughs at Lake City Casino

    Lake City Casino only does comedy night once a month, but when they roll out the red carpet to comedy stars, they do so with unrivalled pomp and circumstance. Take their January 31, 2014 show for example. This instalment of Train Wreck Comedy All-Stars includes a range of big names like Gerry Dee, Brent Butt, Erica Sigurdson, Kyle Jones, and Rob Balson. The Canadian talent comes from radio and TV shows like The Debaters, Mr. D and Corner Gas of CBC fame. The Getaway 21 Events room in the Lake City Casino features plush seats and big-stage lighting and acoustics, but what really makes any comedy show is the audience, and Lake City Casino has theirs built in. The popularity of these events is a no-brainer. Tickets are only $10 and guests receive $5 in free slots play. With the right luck, you might walk away with more than just laugh-out-loud memories.

    Party Like an Irishman at O’Flannigan’s Comedy Night

    O’Flannigans isn’t a dedicated comedy club—they also host a diversity of live music and other events—but you wouldn’t know it when they open their stage up to aspiring comedians every Wednesday at 9 pm. This longstanding tradition brings with it a bevy of regulars who know how to flick the show into hilarity high gear. With admission at just $5 a head, you’ll get a chance to see up to 15 local Kelowna favourites. Special PRO-AM editions (once or twice a month) pair these green queens and kings of Kelowna comedy up with celebrity professionals for the funniest duets in the Okanagan Valley.

    Dakodas Sports Bar and Grill Is Much More Than Sports

    Dakodas is best known as the best spot in Kelowna to catch a game, with over 30 TVs, game-day food and drink specials, and contests for tickets and swag. But hit up Dakodas on Thursday and you’ll find a completely different experience full of big laughs. The content of Thursday varies with each week, from open mic shows with special guests to professional stars from famous shows like CTV’s Comedy Now, Just For Laughs, and the Vancouver Comedy Festival. Check out for information on upcoming performances, or surprise yourself when you show up at 9 pm. With admission of just $5, what’s to lose?

    Kelowna has a dedicated community of aspiring and professional funny folks and fans that have managed to spread the comedy gold to some of the best venues in town. Whether you’d rather sit down for a professional performance after some free slots, grab a cold beer and some classic American grub at Dakodas with a buddy, or party it up with classic Irish fare at O’Flannigans, if you love a good laugh, Kelowna is your city.

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