Live Music Venues in Kelowna That Outweigh Their Reputation

    If you’re a music lover, you’ll love living in Kelowna. There are lots of live music venues here, catering to a wide variety of audiences and musical styles. As you’ll see from this wide selection of awesome live music venues, Kelowna’s arts scene is alive and well.


    Discover the Best Up-and-coming Performers at Streaming Cafe

    Since its establishment only a few years ago, Streaming Cafe has become a launch pad for up-and-coming artists. This is where you’ll find some of the most talented stars of tomorrow. As a coffee shop by day, Streaming Cafe caters mostly to folk artists and singer-songwriter types, but depending on the night you can find all types of music here. In addition to providing a venue for talented young musicians, Streaming Cafe is also dedicated to promoting great coffee and great art. You’ll see some beautiful pieces of art on the walls by local artists here, and also taste some of the best coffee in the city.

    The Minstrel Cafe: Great Food and Great Music, Too

    In addition to being one of the most popular live music venues in Kelowna, the Minstrel Cafe is also a major dining destination. Here, you’ll find gourmet dinner selections in a casual west coast dining atmosphere (complete with great live music, of course). The performers here represent a wide variety of styles and backgrounds. Depending on the night, you’ll find young local artists, international touring performers, and seasoned music veterans performing styles from jazz to folk to world beat and more.

    Habitat: An All-in-one Arts, Music, and Dance Venue

    Habitat is a live music venue unlike any other in the city. This venue serves as a performance space, a restaurant, a dance club, and a meeting and workshop space for local artists. Here you’ll find everything from art shows to salsa dancing nights to poetry nights to electro-house nights to full-blown rock concerts. This is where Kelowna’s arts community comes to play and hang out.

    Rotary Centre for the Arts: Jazz Jams, Musical Theatre, and More

    Located at the centre of downtown Kelowna’s cultural district, the Rotary Centre for the Arts is a multi-venue musical hub. The Rotary Centre is a beautiful venue for live performances. In the atrium, you’ll find intimate piano lounge performances, and on Friday nights, you can enjoy a free jazz jam where Kelowna’s top jazz musicians come out to improvise the night away.

    Summer Festivals at Waterfront Park and More

    One of the best things about live music in Kelowna is that you don’t always have to stay indoors. Throughout the summer, outdoor venues like Waterfront Park put on great music events for all to enjoy. During Kelowna’s Parks Alive festival in July and August, you’ll be able to see some of Kelowna’s best performers for free throughout the city. Also be sure to check out the summer music festivals like Keloha and Center of Gravity, where you’ll be able to enjoy world-class performances along the shore of Okanagan Lake.

    If you haven’t become acquainted with the arts and music scene in Kelowna yet, now is the time. This is a scene that is currently on the move and will only continue to grow in years to come. From up-and-comers to seasoned performers, you’ll find a host of talent and creativity at these live music venues and other venues throughout the city.

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