Moving with animals: Easy Ways to Settle Your Pet in when You’re New to Kelowna

    It goes without saying that you’ll need to accommodate a number of changes if you’re planning a move, but the impact a change of scenery can have on your pet is a detail that often gets lost in the shuffle. Pets can become very attached to old environments and may have difficulty adjusting when you move to a new city. If you’re moving to Kelowna and you want to make a transition that’s as seamless as possible, here are some simple ways to acquaint your pet with their new home.

    Moving with your pet

    Keep the Essentials the Same

    A good way to start your pet off in a new home is to arrange their new surroundings to be as similar as possible to their old environment. If their pet pillow was located in the corner of the living room or right beside the kitchen next to their food, you might want to make it the same in the new house. While things won’t be exactly the same as before, having an area that’s familiar for them with their bed, blanket and toys can make a significant difference.

    Get Your Pet Acquainted with the Neighbourhood

    Since one of the best parts of any animal’s day is getting outside for a walk, they’ll have become familiar with the pathways, sidewalks and streets of your old neighbourhood. To orient your pet with their new environment, make sure you get them outside right away so they can adapt to their new, unfamiliar surroundings. Whether you walk them to a nearby green space or take a drive to Knox Mountain or Duggan Park, getting them out and about is a great way to make them an old pro in a new place!

    Stick to the Old Routines

    You’ll already be shaking things up for your family pet by moving into a new home in Kelowna, but you can make it a bit easier by maintaining their former routine. For example, if you used to walk them before eating breakfast and wouldn’t let them climb up on the couch, make sure you continue to do these things. Not only will this serve as one aspect of your pet’s life that won’t have to change, it will hopefully get them settled sooner so you can change things up when you need to later on.

    Give them Time to Adapt

    It’s possible that your pet might not adjust to your new home as quickly as you do, but it’s important to give them the time they need to get accustomed to their new environment at their own pace. Even if they seem to be having more anxiety issues or experiencing more accidents, try to avoid chastising them as this can lead to more stress and may make them even more sceptical about their new home.

    Kelowna is a pet-friendly city with a variety of great parks and green spaces for pets to explore, but any animal will have difficulty adjusting to a new environment at first. With all of the business that abounds when moving into a new home, it can be easy to forget about the things that will make it easier for your pet to adjust. By sticking to their old routine and providing them with the time they need to get used to things, you can better orient your pet with their new surroundings and make the whole family feel at home much sooner!

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