New to Ellison? Take a Look at the Full Listing of Local Schools Your Child Can Attend

    There are a variety of options when examining the educational institutions in the different catchment areas for Ellison schools and Central Okanagan. Depending where exactly you live, there is sure to be a welcoming and positive school close by so your young ones can move from primary to secondary education with confidence. For a full listing of the local schools throughout the Central Okanagan School District, visit Below are listed only a small portion of the educational options for Ellison residents who live in School District 23.


    Ellison Schools From Elementary to Secondary

    At the heart of Ellison is Ellison Elementary (K-6). They celebrate all forms of learning around Canadian culture, from scheduled Family Literacy Nights to their Harmony Day, in which students participate in fostering an understanding behind cultural and social differences. The Davidson Road Elementary (K-7) encourages discovery, respect, and encouragement with a focus on erasing bullying at all levels. They promote a foundation in Arts education ranging from music, drama, and visual arts programs.

    Rutland Senior Secondary is the local high school. They have a heavy interest in hockey and promote their team “The Voodoos.” Academically, they offer programs in Advanced Placement, credit courses leading to the British Columbia Institute of Technology, and the Secondary School Apprenticeship program.

    The area also supports schools that adhere to Christian values, like the Heritage Christian School. The population consists of only 300 students and ranges from K-12. They emphasize school spirit with a focus on faith-based learning.

    French Immersion Schools Offer an Advantage

    Knowing a second language can provide many social benefits, and is becoming a defining factor in the future of employment as well. In 1977, a group of volunteer parents decided to establish the Canadian Parents for French, in order to promote and create French-language learning opportunities. Students have access to French Camps, cultural events and resources, and bursaries. The Ellison school district 23 has a number of schools that provide a full French immersion experience, from elementary up to secondary. Examples of elementary schools are École Belgo, the École Casorso, École Dorothea Walker, and École George Pringle. Each feeds into the upper grades, and students may go to École KLO Middle School and École Kelowna Secondary. The schools offer a diverse selection of programs and services that include music, family-building events, and, of course, a full immersion in French language and culture.

    Early College Program Sets the Stage for Education

    The Early College Program in the Central Okanagan School District focuses on providing a supportive and academically challenging environment to help and encourage students to seek post-secondary education. The program gives students access to a high quality pre-college education that allows for direct access to university. This can inspire social growth, and promotes reaching for personal, academic, and career-based goals.

    Depending on your catchment area, you will discover a school that meets the educational expectations for your children. With more in-depth research, you can learn more about the unique programs and offerings at each school to make a more informed decision on the best choice for the area of Ellison in which you live.

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