Rutland vs Glenmore – Which Neighbourhood is Best Suited for Raising a Family?

    When it comes to raising a family in Kelowna, there are lots of great neighbourhoods to choose from. Two neighbourhoods, however, stand out as great family locations: Rutland and Glenmore. Rutland lies to the east of downtown Kelowna along Highway 33, while Glenmore is situated between Rutland and downtown Kelowna (though slightly to the north), and is separated from Rutland by Highway 97, the city’s main thoroughfare. Which of these two areas is better suited for raising a family? Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of each neighbourhood in order to find the answer.

    Rutland Pros: An Established Neighbourhood With Deals to be Found

    Comprised of both suburban and rural landscapes, Rutland offers plenty of property options for those looking to raise a family. You’ll have an easier time finding large lots here than you would in many other parts of Kelowna. In terms of housing, you’ll find a mix of old properties and new buildings in this area, so there can be a range in terms of prices. If you’re looking for a real deal on property, Rutland is the best place to start, as houses in this area will often sell for less than similar houses in other Kelowna neighbourhoods. On average, single-family homes in this area will sell for around $360 000.

    Rutland Cons: Older Amenities and Lower-ranked Schools

    Despite the new building going on, Rutland is still an older part of Kelowna. The area still has all of the amenities that any family would need, but these amenities may not be as new or hip as the amenities that you’ll find elsewhere. In addition, schools in the Rutland area are typically ranked lower than schools in the Glenmore area.

    Glenmore Pros: More Prestigious Location and Higher-ranked Schools

    In terms of location, Glenmore is closer to Okanagan Lake than Rutland is. In Glenmore, you’ll also find a mix of newer and older houses. Glenmore is a quieter, more rural neighbourhood with a higher median household income than Rutland. The schools in this area are ranked higher, and the amenities are often more contemporary.

    Glenmore Cons: Nothing Here Comes Cheap

    Living closer to the lake can be great for families who enjoy the outdoors, but this location comes at a price in more ways than one. First of all, single-family homes in this area tend to run in the $400 000 to $1 000 000 range – much higher than what you’d find in Rutland. In addition, living closer to the lake also puts you farther away from big box stores like Costco, Wal-Mart, and Superstore.

    So what’s the verdict? In the end, it all depends on what you’re looking for. Both Glenmore and Rutland offer easy access to downtown Kelowna, as well as fairly easy access to other destinations like Kelowna International Airport and Big White Ski Resort. If you’re happy living in an older area of town with lower ranked schools, you’ll enjoy the lower prices as well as the variety of lot sizes in Rutland. But if you prefer to live in a more “up-and-coming” neighbourhood that puts you a little closer to Okanagan Lake, then you’ll love what Glenmore has to offer – as long as you’re prepared to pay a higher price.

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