Santa Claus Heads to Kelowna on Dec 7 – Don’t Miss the 25th Annual Downtown Light Up!

    Kelowna is the 22nd-largest metropolitan area within Canada, and it has been steadily growing throughout the past few decades. The city on Okanagan Lake is known for its association with Ogopogo, the mythical monster said to inhabit the lake. Kelowna is a location that offers clean air, lots of open space and safe neighbourhoods. However, there’s another reason why you can’t miss being in Kelowna in the month of December: the Kelowna Downtown Light Up! If you like Christmas and enjoy celebrating it communally, then you can’t miss the 25th annual downtown Light Up. The Light Up starts on December 7, so circle that date on your calendar.

    It Is the 25th Anniversary of the Light Up

    2013 marks a momentous occasion for this celebrated tradition in the city, because it is the 25th anniversary of the Kelowna Downtown Light Up. Naturally, to celebrate this milestone year, the event planners had to do something different – so they’ve decided to go big. Really big. If you find yourself at Kerry Park at about 6 PM on December 7, 2013, you can take in the spectacle of seeing a monstrous Christmas Tree being lit up. Not only will that be something to gaze at in wonder, but it will also provide you with good Christmas memories for years to come.

    Take in a Massive Load of Activities

    The Light Up never could have lasted twenty-five years if it offered mediocre things to do. If you can’t find something that entertains and excites you here, then it does not exist! Start by decorating your very own cookie, and then gobble it down right on the spot. Think that you went over your calorie limit for the day? Then just play some street hockey at the event, or go ice-skating. Not too much into winter sports? Simply get your face painted instead, and take in some live music. Of course, you can’t miss sitting on Santa’s lap and riding in a horse-drawn carriage.

    Get Started Early on the Christmas Fun

    Though the Light Up Will take place only on Saturday, December 7, you can cheat a little bit by starting a week early on November 30. If you join the Kelowna Art Gallery on November 30, you will get to create an extremely special work of art that you can bring with you to the actual Light Up a week later. Just head to the Kelowna Art Gallery at 1315 Water Street between 10 AM and 5 PM. For only five dollars, you can make your very own painted paper starlight lantern. Bring it with you for the Light Up!

    Now that you know what’s going to take place at the Light Up, you simply can’t miss it. It does not even matter if you’re not in the area–simply take some time off to make it to the city just for this event. The holidays only come once a year anyway, so it’s in your best interest to make them as memorable as possible. See you at the Kelowna Downtown Light Up 2013!

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