Six Reasons Why Kelowna, BC Is the Perfect Jump Off Point for Epic Motorcycle Tours

    For anyone who enjoys getting out on the open road with their motorcycle and experiencing a memorable time on two wheels, Kelowna, BC in the spring, summer, and fall is the place to be. There’s so much about it that makes it a must ride for any motorcycle enthusiast. Here are six reasons why Kelowna offers the ideal jump off point for an epic motorcycle tour.

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    A Small City Surrounded by Endless Miles of Open Roads

    One of the first factors to note about what makes Kelowna the perfect starting point for your next motorcycle tour is that it’s a small city (just over 100,000 people) that’s surrounded by endless miles of open road. This means that right from the start of your tour you’ll be able to head out onto the major roads that link the city with the rest of the Okanagan Valley and not have to worry about traffic immediately putting a damper on your ride. This is perfect for ensuring that you spend the majority of your time actually enjoying your tour by maximizing the hours you spend out on the road.

    A Region Rich with Beautiful Scenery

    The main component of any worthwhile motorcycle tour is the scenery that will be with you all along the way. Kelowna is situated in the Okanagan Valley, which is a region of British Columbia known for its raw, natural beauty, especially during the warmer months of the year. From national parks and lakes to forests and mountains, beginning your next motorcycle tour from Kelowna will put your right at the heart of the scenery that Canada’s all about.

    Close Proximity to Winding Mountain Routes

    Some things you won’t be able to find around other cities out east are the mountain ranges that surround Kelowna. The presence of the Columbia and Cascade Mountains offers you the chance to experience motorcycling like never before by winding your way along roads that cut straight through these beautiful peaks. From Kelowna you can gather all the supplies you’ll need for your journey and have the mountains themselves mere minutes away all around you.

    Plenty of Small Towns Along the Major Roads

    Starting from Kelowna on your next motorcycle tour also provides you with many convenient pit stops along the major roads in the form of smaller cities and towns. Some of the neighbouring population centres include Vernon, Penticton, Summerland, and Armstrong. Each can offer you places to both rest and restock on food and supplies before continuing on with your tour.

    Nearby Major Cities Like Vancouver, Victoria, and Seattle

    Along with smaller towns, Kelowna is also in relatively close proximity to the major population centres of Vancouver, Victoria, and Seattle. So if you’re interested in a longer tour, start out in Kelowna and ride from there through the mountains straight towards either of these three nearby cities that are only hours away to the west.

    Links Straight Onto the Trans-Canada Highway

    Lastly, starting out from Kelowna on your next motorcycle tour puts you just over 2 hours away from the Trans-Canada Highway, which can significantly expand your two wheeled journey. Enjoy the open, natural scenery across the Okanagan Valley and then move on to your next destination by linking onto the Trans-Canada Highway. At that point the entire rest of the country becomes accessible to you; it all depends on how adventurous you feel.

    For a motorcycle tour of everything that British Columbia has to offer, Kelowna is your best option for a starting point. Doing so will provide you with miles of open roads along with immediate access to beautiful scenery, mountain routes, small towns, major cities, and the Trans-Canada Highway. Kelowna is your gateway to the perfect motorcycle tour that you’re sure to remember for a long while.


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