Spotlight, Rutland: Why This Charming Area in North Kelowna Is a Fantastic Place to Live

    Kelowna is a diverse city containing a number of different neighbourhoods that make it one of the more desirable places to live in the province. One of these great neighbourhoods is Rutland, which is located along the city’s northern edge and is known for its active residential and business scenes. With plenty to learn about the area itself, here are a few of the main reasons why Rutland is a fantastic place to live in Kelowna.

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    Plenty of Public Parks

    One of the primary drawing points that brings many people to the Rutland community is the ample sources of recreation that the area provides. Included among the different places where you can go and enjoy the great outdoors is Ben Lee Park, Rutland Recreation Park, Belgo Park, Tower Ranch Hillside Park, Chichester Wetland Park, and Edith Gay Park. Each of these locations has served the community for many years by providing residents with easy access to trails, playgrounds, fields, and forests. Whether you’re looking to go out alone or with a group and enjoy the extensive natural scenery in and around Rutland, the community is well set up so that the nearest parkland is only a few minutes walk or drive away.

    All the Amenities You Could Ever Need

    An important aspect for any community is whether or not it can actually provide you with absolutely everything you could ever need for your day-to-day life. Living in Rutland will give you access to exactly that, as the community itself features shopping centres, doctors’ offices, banks, grocery stores, pharmacies, big box stores, speciality businesses, and movie theatres. Plus, thanks to the reputation Rutland has gained as a hotbed for business in the city, new commercial locations are opening up all the time to add to the repertoire of what the community can offer. If it’s a product or service you need, you’ll be able to find it within the Rutland area.

    Ample Variety in Terms of Available Real Estate

    There are many communities out there that might have everything you need in terms of recreation and amenities but fall short on the actual real estate side of the equation. This is not the case with Rutland. The community has the full package, which includes a booming real estate market that offers interested buyers everything from condominiums to townhouses to single detached homes. You can get a brand new condo starting at $159,000, a town house for around $259,000, and a fully detached home for approximately $360,000. Since Rutland covers an extensive area in the northern part of the city, you’re all but guaranteed to be able to find that perfect location that has exactly what it is you’re looking for.

    The charming community of Rutland in the north end of Kelowna is an area offering everything you could ever wish for in a new place to live. There are plenty of recreational parks, all the amenities you’d ever need, and ample choice when it comes to available real estate. It’s the perfect example of the type of quality lifestyle that’s available in the city of Kelowna.

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