Sweat Off the Holidays and Master Your 2014 Resolutions at These Kelowna Boot Camps

    New Year, new you? If you stuffed more than a turkey this holiday season, it’s high time you head for the hills (and Stairmasters) to work off a few extra kilos. Taking on a fitness boot camp is a great sink-or-swim way to get yourself back in shape when your usual hiking, biking, and running trails are covered in snow. If you’re ready to tackle a challenge, these Kelowna boot camps will push you to your limits.

    Break Bad Habits and Foster A Healthy Addiction

    Couch time getting a little too habitual? Addicted Fitness is the antidote. They offer a variety of prescriptions for fitness. Try their Ultimate Resistance strengthening workout that promises endless variations to avoid boredom. The Killer Cardio offers results three times faster with daily cross training: forget the treadmill, the folks at Addicted will pump you up and get you moving. Addicted Fitness also offers nutritional planning to boost your metabolism, burn fat faster and forever, and fuel the muscles you’re building, not the flab. If your health and fitness have taken a back seat, get back behind the wheel with Addicted’s combination of food coaching and strength building.

    Develop an All-round Fitness Program at Global

    Global Fitness and Racquet Centre Boot Camps combine all over strengthening, balance, agility, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. Their team of personal trainers will work with you six days a week to drive you through challenging yet rewarding boot camps. Indoor and outdoor facilities are stocked with plyo boxes, kettle bells, agility ladders, bumper plates, ropes, medicine balls, and more! Global Fitness invites you to push your limits with the Gorilla Boot Camp, a high intensity, longer session that fuses cardio and strength training for a seriously rigorous sweat.

    Fitness From the Inside Out

    Personal trainer Tracy Steen and her team offer boot camps blending indoor and outdoor challenges that aim to get you fit for your spring and summer holiday activities. Whether you want to build your endurance, increase your strength or just tone those beach muscles, Steen’s creative and dynamic outdoor boot camp will help you reach your goals. The business offers early morning (six o’clock, hello!) and evening classes with a minimum of 2 sessions per week. The company, InSide out Fitness, prides itself on building strong bodies and healthy minds, emphasizing success stories of former and current clients who went through their boot camps and lived–even thrived–with their newfound bodies and renewed self esteem.

    Dip Your Toes In: Then, Kick Butt

    Not ready to commit to a full program? Kick Butt Bootcamps in Kelowna know that all boot camps are not created equal. You need to have mutual respect with your trainer, and a good rapport with fellow trainees. They offer drop-in classes as a lead-in to their four-day per week training regimen. Their emphasis, on working every muscle group distinctly and making sure to give full overall toning in their workouts, puts them ahead of self-guided gym programs for people who want fast results. Their full four week programs are welcoming to people who may not have worked out in a long time, and they make sure that the classes, and atmosphere, are all about the practice – not the fashion parade. The best part of Kick Butt is that not only will your perseverance pay off in a firmer, more toned body and improved stamina, but return students receive a discount on the next four week session they sign up for. Win-win! With its myriad options for healthy enjoyment of its mountainous surrounds, Kelowna is full of hard bodies who workout as a form of play. If you want to get in on the action, a boot camp is a brilliant way to re-boot your body and amp up your fitness practice. What you learn in the studio or outdoors with your expert trainers will help you up your game on the slopes, the trails, the dance floor, or anywhere else you plan to get active.

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