Tear Up Lake Okanagan With Kelowna Jet Boat Adventures

    If you’re looking for a thrill ride on Lake Okanagan, you’ll find it with Kelowna’s Jet Boat Adventures. It’s the first and only tour of its kind, and a ride you won’t soon forget. The boat is designed for exciting manoeuvres and fast takeoffs, making for a wild ride off of Kelowna’s downtown commercial boat dock. Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Okanagan on this high speed adventure.


    Places You Will Go and Things You Will See

    Kelowna Jet Boat Adventures set off every hour on the hour, and offer two different tour packages to its riders. The first is a fifteen minute turn and burn that will cost adult passengers $30 per ride. The other is a half hour tour of Lake Okanagan, and runs adults $50 a trip. With these fast paced jet boat tours, you can take in the many sights to be seen from the waters of Lake Okanagan. Check out downtown and City Park Beach before heading under the bridge towards Gyro Beach. Passing the beautiful lower mission and Summerhill Pyramid Winery you’ll scoot across the lake to the Shelter Bay Marina. As you pass the Bluff and round the Old Ferry Wharf, you’ll pass impressive architecture in the form of mansions built high into the banks of Lake Okanagan. The boat also ventures to Bear Creek Provincial Park before turning around and speeding back towards the city.


    Built for Speed and Designed for Fun

    Custom built by Smoky Mountain Boats, this impressive jet boat holds eleven passengers, and promises to thrill. Reaching speeds of eighty kilometres an hour, this jet boat adventure runs on over four hundred horses of power. This specialty ride is created for any and all conditions, and can take off with just twelve inches of water below it. Even more shocking is the boat’s ability to glide at high speeds in a mere four inches of water. Although the navigational skills of this boat are phenomenal and it can take on rivers and rapids, this is not where its splendour ends. With handling comparable to a jetski, you can experience all the fishtails and spins you can handle on your jet boat adventure.


    What You Need to Bring to the Boat

    When you’re getting geared up for your ride of a lifetime, there are a couple of things you may want to remember. Don’t forget some cash, as Kelowna Jet Boat Adventures only accept cash payments at this time. There are cash machines located close by, and tour prices include tax for your convenience. Photos are available through the tour company, but bringing your own waterproof camera will give you the opportunity to snap some shots of your own. In addition to these items and some sunscreen, you may also want to invite family and friends to share the thrill ride with you. Riders are also welcome to bring swim suits and towels, if they think they would like to take a dip along the way.

    If you want to plan a summer adventure that is sure to be the highlight of the season, look no further. With Kelowna Jet Boat Adventures you can take in the beauty of the Okanagan on a high-speed action-packed ride. It is the first of its kind in Kelowna, and a unique way to experience Lake Okanagan.

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