The speed clean: five fast tips

    It’s the holiday season and what a wonderful time of year it is – a season for spending quality time with friends and family. It can also be a season for surprise visitors and unexpected drop-ins. Generally, this is a great thing, but it can be stressful if your home isn’t quite ‘visitor ready’. With that in mind, we’ve compiled five handy tips for a super fast speed clean…

    1. Candles are your friend

    Light your candles. This has two benefits. First off, the candles will enhance the ambience of your home and will help create a cosy atmosphere. Secondly, candles are great at masking unpleasant smells… pets, ageing leftovers in the fridge etc.

    2. Tackle the pet hair

    If you have a furry family member, it’s possible that you’ve become a little blind to their fur deposits. However, for your guests, especially those who don’t have pets, the fur will be highly noticeable. Dig out the vacuum or a broom and round up those fur bunnies.

    3. Don’t get distracted

    Focus on cleaning the rooms that your guests will definitely see; living room, kitchen, bathroom etc. Don’t get distracted straightening out rooms that your guests aren’t going to set foot in.

    4. Target the clutter

    If you have magazines, mail or other items occupying counter space, you’d be surprised at how much impact removing/storing them can have. Target the most visible clutter for maximum impact.

    5. Make your guests feel at home

    This seems obvious and you likely already do this. However, keep in mind that your visitors are coming to see you! Make sure there is somewhere for them to hang their coats, and comfortable places to sit, and they probably won’t be paying much attention to a few crumbs on the kitchen counter.

    We’re sure your home is already pretty clean, but sometimes life gets in the way. If you find yourself with unexpected guests this Christmas, we hope this list will help. Whatever you’re up to this festive time of year, have a wonderful holiday season.

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