The Ultimate Guide to Hiking Mount Boucherie

    As a Kelowna local, the beautiful outdoors is certainly an integral part of your everyday life. If you are an active person, this is an aspect of living in Kelowna that you like to enjoy alongside your physical fitness. If you happen to be visiting or have just moved to the area, getting to know the beautiful Kelowna landscape by hiking some of the mountainside it offers is a great way to accomplish a sense of physical well-being and endurance while truly getting a feel for what the area is all about. Make the most of your visit, or of your close-to-home physical exercise, and take a hike at Mount Boucherie.


    History of Mount Boucherie

    Named after Isadore Boucherie, an early settler and farmer in the area, Mount Boucherie stands over the Okanagan Lake at an elevation of 417 metres, and is situated in West Kelowna. A former stratovolcano, Mount Boucherie has a rich history that began close to 60 million years ago, surviving several glacial periods that eventually eroded the volcano to a safe mountain that nature and fitness-enthusiasts can easily hike today. Mount Boucherie Regional Park covers an expanse of 90 acres, and the summit itself offers a 360-degree view of the surrounding landscape that makes up the Central Okanagan Valley.

    The Loop at Mount Boucherie

    There are different ways fitness and nature enthusiasts can hike Mount Boucherie, and the varying levels of intensity make the activity accessible for beginners and professionals alike. The hike at Mount Boucherie can be tackled as a loop for those who wish to have a longer but more leisurely stroll along the mountainside. A commonly recommended start point for the loop hike is at Eain Lamont Park, where you can park your vehicle and gain easy access to the trail head. You will start your climb up to the summit on the opposite side of the steep trail, and then descend on the opposing side of the summit; this is a three-kilometre hike in total. Though some of the views may be blocked by trees on the descent, this is the best choice for a more manageable hike.

    Short and Intense: Up and Down Hike

    If you don’t have much time on your hands but have plenty of confidence, consider the up-and-down hike. This one-kilometre hike to the top of the mountain begins at the trailhead on the northeast side of Mount Boucherie. You can reach this part of the mountain by taking the path from the parking lot and following the trail behind the residential area. The steep and intense climb to the top isn’t the easiest, but is well-rewarded with unobstructed views of the beauty of Kelowna.

    With hiking trails that cater to the faint-of-heart as well as the go-getter, you are sure to find something pleasurable at Mount Boucherie regardless of your fitness level. Whether you are a local or a visitor, Mount Boucherie offers a vantage point of Kelowna that is always deeply appreciated. So get moving and get your heart pumping—get to Mount Boucherie!

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