Training Starts Now for the 2014 Kelowna Cherry Blossom Triathlon

    This year the Kelowna Cherry Blossom Triathlon will bring fitness enthusiasts from all over BC together for a day of fun and good-natured racing. The inaugural instalment of this event will be held on May 4, 2014. Predicted to be one of BC’s top racing events for the season, the Cherry Blossom offers a great way for racers to experience the natural beauty and athletic community of Kelowna.

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    About the Kelowna Cherry Blossom Triathlon

    The Cherry Blossom Triathlon is touted as being an excellent way for beginners to get their feet wet and participate in a triathlon event in a safe and controlled environment. Participants also have the benefit of experiencing a course organized by former Olympic athletes and local veteran triathlon runners.

    Specifics on the Race

    This particular racing event boasts the opportunity to see a side of Kelowna you’re not likely see any other way. The first portion of the race begins with the 700m swim. While traditional triathlons might have racers swimming in open water, the Cherry Blossom is geared towards beginners, which is why event organizers have chosen to take advantage of Kelowna’s H20 Aquatic Centre on Gordon Drive. From there racers move on to the 22km bike course which features three loops that cover a distance of about 7km each. The bike course offers a fantastic view of the area’s rolling fields and the Michealbrook Golf Course. The final portion of the race involves a 5km run on the Mission Greenway, a beautiful trail that runs along the river. Finally racers finish off the race as the running course brings them back to the H20 Aquatic Centre.

    Training Clinics to Help You Shape Up

    Spring and summer is race season in BC. Over the next few months there will be an endless array of sprint and marathon events for local athletes to sink their teeth into. In tandem with most of these events, training clinics that offer racers a chance to get into racing shape with the aid of coaching from knowledgeable instructors and other racers will also run sessions during this season. Given that the Kelowna Cherry Blossom Triathlon has been designed with beginners in mind, there is one training clinic in particular that is offering coaching in triathlon racing in partnership with this event. The Triathlon 101 Clinic by Fresh Air and Balance Point is a clinic running from March 17th to May 2nd. Coaches will offer students personalized training every Monday and Friday of each week leading up to race day. This 6 week crash course covers all three feats and is designed to give even people who have never participated in a triathlon the optimal chance of succeeding in their first triathlon event.

    The Kelowna Cherry Blossom Triathlon may only be in its first year, but event organizers certainly appear to have all of their bases covered. Register early to ensure you and all of your team members (if you’re racing as a part of a relay team) have a spot in the race. Only 200 entries will be accepted. Registration closes on May 1st.

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