Try These Small Coffee Shops and Find the Best Blend in Kelowna

    Quality coffee can be hard to come by in today’s world where most of the market is dominated by major international chains whose primary brews all have the same basic taste. To find the truly unique flavours that come from only the freshest and highest quality beans, you need to look to the smaller coffee shops in and around your local community. They might be hard to find, but they’re out there, and for Kelowna in particular there exist a handful of excellent spots in which to discover your next favourite brew. So here are a few of the best coffee shops in the city where you can taste the finest blends around.

    Kelowna Coffee Shops

    Guaranteed on the Spot Freshness at Streaming Cafe

    One of the top independent coffee shops in Kelowna is Streaming Cafe found at 596 Leon Avenue. There, not only do they make it their personal mission to provide customers with the finest selection of coffee available, but they also strive to spread the word about the art of preparation that goes into creating any great tasting brew. Stepping into their cafe, you’re entering a small, friendly environment where you’re free to sit back, relax, and enjoy your drink in peace. All of their available brews come from fresh beans that are roasted on site by staff every week so that they only serve you the perfect mix of flavours. Choose from a long menu of available brews, including dark and light options from sources such as Phil and Sebastian Coffee Roasters and Matchstick Coffee Roasters. Streaming Cafe wants you to be able to enjoy only the most flavourful coffees at the best possible prices, and they commit themselves everyday to making that combination a reality for all of their customers.

    Friendly Setting and Tasty Brews at Good Earth Coffeehouse and Bakery

    As a community based coffee shop, Good Earth Coffeehouse and Bakery – located at 2949 Pandosy Street – is a hub for people who like to get together and enjoy delicious coffee in a warm and inviting setting. The cafe itself is set up in a way that encourages meeting and socialization among customers and includes plenty of comfortable seating arrangements made from reclaimed wood that’s been beautifully reassembled into fully functional furniture. Their quality brews come from beans that have been cultivated around the world in regions including Papa New Guinea, South America, Mexico, Indonesia, and Africa. With each cup you drink, you’ll taste the result of decades of work put in by the various growers from all over the world, people that Good Earth Coffeehouse and Bakery prides itself on having a strong relationship with.

    Lovers of Great Tasting Caffeine at Bean Scene Coffee Works

    For professionals with a genuine passion for great tasting coffee, Bean Scene Coffee Works is the place to go and has three locations in Kelowna to serve you: one at 274 Bernard Avenue, one at #100–1615 Dickson Avenue, and another at 1835 Gordon Drive. At all three spots you’ll find a coffee shop that does it the old fashioned way, preparing each steaming drink they serve by hand with top of the line equipment designed to ensure you end up with an optimized brew in every cup you order. Their baristas are so concerned about the best roasting and preparation practices that many of them compete against one another in house for a shot at entering various international barista contests throughout the year. Each of their available coffee selections of dark and light brews are the result of years of research into the freshest beans along with the ideal brewing methods that should be used for each individual flavour. Bean Scene Coffee Works takes their caffeine very seriously and you can enjoy the result of all their hard work each time you visit.

    For a great coffee shop experience in Kelowna near Spall, there are a few different locations you can go to that serve up some of the best brews you’ll ever taste. These coffee shops have made it their purpose to provide you, their customer, with a selection of unique and quality brews not available in any of the major international chains.

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