Weekend Fishing Highlights: The Best Spots to Cast a Line in Shannon Lake

    Living in the Okanagan has a multitude of benefits, and one of the best is all of the outdoor fun filled with the natural beauty that surrounds you. In Kelowna, Shannon Lake offers the perfect place to enjoy the sport you dream of all year long—fishing. Consider visiting Shannon Lake for your ultimate weekend highlight, and try out these different spots and opportunities the lake has in store for you. The lake is home to perch, rainbow trout, and large mouth bass, so you just never know what you’ll be bringing home from Shannon Lake!


    North End: Vegetated Area for Perch

    Casting your line from the vegetated area located at the north end of the lake, near where Shannon Lake Golf Course is situated, will give you the best chance of catching a perch, if that is what you’re after. At this spot on the lake, you can cast your line from shore, relax in the quiet area, and perhaps watch some golf pros swing their putts around on the golf course. Perch are best caught with small flashers finished with shrimp or krill as bait.

    South End: Kids Go Fish Program

    Shannon Lake also provides the perfect opportunity and ideal setting for you to teach your kids how to cast a line. The Go Fish Program at Shannon Lake runs on Sundays from May until June, and gives you the chance you’ve been waiting for to teach your children how to fish. Open for all kids under 15 years old, the ponds at Mission Creek and Shannon Lake Regional Parks are stocked with trout waiting to be caught. The netted area that is perfect for learning is situated at the south end of Shannon Lake.

    On the Water: Boat Fishing

    If you’re more interested in bringing out your pontoon boat or canoe out for a trip on Shannon Lake while fishing, this is a perfect place for that as well. Though most fishers at Shannon Lake opt to fish from the shoreline, you will likely find several other boat fishers on the weekends. Casting your line from your boat towards the weed beds and at the areas near the golf course at the north end of the lake may produce fantastic results. Having the ability to move around the lake with ease will also ensure that you have equal chances of catching the three species of fish that reside here, whether you’re interested in rainbow trout, perch, or large mouth bass. Cast your floating line and popper for your best shot at catching something impressive.

    Shannon Lake, though relatively small in comparison to Kelowna’s Okanagan Lake, offers plenty of different opportunities and spots to cast your line. Depending on what kind of a fisher you are and who you will be bringing along on your weekend highlight, you will find that each of the spots provide different opportunities and new experiences. Make your Kelowna fishing experience feel brand new, and visit Shannon Lake to get the most out of the summer.

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