What Is the Best Beach in Kelowna? (This Is One Tough Competition)

    Living in Kelowna is truly a blessing, especially with so many incredible outdoor activities to enjoy. Kelowna is one of the best places to be in the summer, since there are so many amazing beaches to choose from. With the great Kelowna summer weather, warm water, and happy vibe of the locals and visitors, it can be difficult to decide just what beach is the best. It’s a tough competition with over 15 beaches to consider, but after lots of research, it’s clear that these are definitely the winners.

    Best Beach in Kelowna

    Bronze: Knox Mountain Paul’s Tomb

    Situated in the Knox Mountain area of Kelowna, Paul’s Tomb is a lovely and quiet bay with crystal clear water. You’ll reach Paul’s Tomb after hiking a trail and getting a healthy dose of exercise. This beach is a popular destination for Kelowna snorkelers, who flock to the area to get a close-up glimpse of the famous sunken Ogopogo that is located here. The many pebbles and peaceful atmosphere, however, make it a favourite amongst snorkelers and beach-goers alike.

    Silver: Hidden Kalamoir Park

    Located in West Kelowna, this beach is slightly off the beaten track and you’ll get quite a workout walking to it. If you enjoy hiking and more secluded areas, you’ll love Kalamoir Park, which encompasses 27.6 hectares of parkland and offers a pristine beachfront swimming area on Okanagan Lake. This beach is full of beautiful landscapes and interesting historical geology, with remnants from past volcanic eruptions. You will also have no trouble finding plenty of shade, nature trails, and lots of wildlife. It is best to enjoy this beach with a lawn chair in one of your own private nooks.

    Gold: Everyone Loves Gyro Beach

    Gyro Beach takes first place because, well, everyone loves it! For anyone who is looking to be around people and get a great happy vibe, Gyro is the place, since there is no hotter or busier spot. Though it can get a little bit crowded at times, this beach makes up for it by having something to offer everyone, including equipment for playing games that will entertain both kids and adults! You can rent kayaks to take out on the warm waters, and make it a true day of fun, or you can simply relax on the clean sand. With plenty of trees and grass, you can easily find some cool shade to get out of the hot sun if needed. You’re likely to stumble upon beach volleyball leagues some evenings, and food and drinks are offered here, as well as washrooms and change rooms.

    Perhaps the biggest dilemma when living in Kelowna, or visiting during the summer, is which beach to visit, but that isn’t such a bad dilemma to have after all. Regardless of what your “beach style” is, you’re certain to find something that suits your personal taste in Kelowna. If ever you find yourself in doubt, opt for the one everyone loves and the one that takes the gold. You’ll have lots of fun visiting Gyro Beach.

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